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Kohinoor Jewellers cannot be called just a “jewellery” brand but can be rather seen as a jewel from the golden days of history. Transcending from the glorious era of the Mughal Dynasty to the advent of the British Empire, the brand has steadily strengthened its roots and reached even more heights as it progressed into the post-independence era. At Kohinoor Jewellers, it is believed that jewellery is not just a style statement but a mirror of one’s personality. Hence, each piece of jewellery is meticulously crafted and created with a purpose to provide a sophisticated yet fashionable look. Kohinoor Jewellers stand for the diversity, history and natural beauty found in India.
Our core values of quality and commitment has helped us form formidable partnerships around the world. Our products are widely recognised around the globe and has been part of major events every year. Reach out to us here for business enquiries.