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About Kohinoor Jewellers Agra, India

What do we offer more than our competition

Launched by (Late) Mr. Brij Gopal Mathur in 1862, ‘Kohinoor Jewellers’ is an extension of a family of jewellers, collectors and promoters of rare pieces of arts and artifacts. In a way, the brand and the family define and complete each other, with their legacy and heritage interspersing to create and define the iconic, luxury precious and semi – precious jewellery brand.

Kohinoor Jewellers believe that jewellery is not just a style statement but an expression or a mirror of one’s personality. Being sophisticated and fashionable, each piece is meticulously crafted and created with a purpose. Most of our collections are not just pieces of jewelry but an art form – an art of storytelling through jewellery.


Kohinoor Jewellers cannot be called just a “jewellery” brand but can be rather seen as a jewel from the golden days of history. Transcending from the glorious era of the Mughal Dynasty to the advent of the British Empire, the brand has steadily strengthened its roots and reached even more heights as it progressed into the post-independence era. The Kohinoor family was traditionally with the Mughals in Delhi, where they lived in old Delhi at Chandhi Chowk. Their ancestors moved to Agra in 1857 with the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, into the old walled city of Mughal Agra. The British rulers bestowed on them, the property at Old Drummond Road in Agra (now known as Mahatma Gandhi Road) where (Late) Mr. Brij Gopal Mathur started the business.

(Late) Mr. Brij Gopal Mathur, a great visionary and connoisseur of gems, jewellery and art, was the moving force in ably bringing Kohinoor Jewellers to where it is now. The business reached a pinnacle under the pioneering vision of talented and gifted Mr. Ghanshyam Gopal Mathur, who relentlessly worked to create a niche in exclusive jewellery with gems of highest quality.


At Kohinoor Jewellers, it is believed that jewelry is not just a style statement but a mirror of one’s personality. Hence, each piece of jewelry is meticulously crafted and created with a purpose to provide a sophisticated yet fashionable look. Kohinoor Jewellers stand for the diversity, history and natural beauty found in India. The jewelry collection by Kohinoor is a seamless fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary design sensibilities. Kohinoor Jewellers showcase an illustrious range of globally inspired jewelry ranging from the Indus valley civilization to the great Himalayan mountain range. The creations are a melange of glittering traditions of India with a dash of modern styling.

About Team

Hailing from the bygone era, “Kohinoor Jewellers” is a fifth-generation jewellery brand currently being spearheaded by Mr. Ghanshyam Gopal Mathur. A man of a few amazing talents, including his mastery over 7 different languages, Mr. Mathur is ably assisted by the fifth generation descendents of the family. While on one hand, his daughter Ms. Ruchira Mathur designs original creations for Kohinoor Jewellers with great elan; his son Mr. Milind Mathur, Graduate Gemologist from G.I.A. Carlsbad, California U.S.A, ably looks after the quality control and is the Creative Director of the company.​ Milind and his wife Ankita are also the contemporary custodians of the brand, who with their craftsmanship and vision now want to transcend the brand beyond the walled city of Agra.